Travel and Entertainment Solutions

Payment Processing for Travel and Entertainment Businesses

Travel and entertainment merchants welcome all customers, so they can’t afford to turn away the payment methods customers prefer. The demands their customers make can change with the day, but no matter where the customers come from, who’s paying their tab, or how they prefer to engage you, you can be ready with payment solutions from The Merchant Solutions.

Allow your customers to pay the way they want

Whether your customers are from the United States or another country, you can make payment as easy, quick, and secure as possible in many currencies. With payment solutions from The Merchant Solutions, you can offer whatever forms of payment for your customers and their employers. And you can appeal to business travelers by streamlining their transactions and offering services such as self-service check in and check out.

Create effective customer gift card programs

You want to encourage repeat visits and offer gift cards, but you may not have the expertise on hand to create options for your customers. The Merchant Solutions understands the travel and entertainment industry and has the depth of experience to craft affordable prepaid solutions appropriate to your business and your customers.

Take services to your customers

Wireless technologies allow you to serve customers in new locations and make it easier to sell them additional services for increased revenue. Whether returning rental cars or purchasing carnival tickets, you can offer consumers the option to pay with credit, debit or check right there, quickly and securely.

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