Restaurant Payment Processing

Payment Processing for Restaurants

Fast food and fine dining restaurants can be as different as their menus, and The Merchant Solutions offers a full range of payment processing and restaurants POS systems products and services so that restauranteurs can choose the right mix of features for their business. Whether a small, family-owned establishment or a large national restaurant chain, The Merchant Solutions has the exact point-of-sale terminal and software solution that fits the specific needs of restaurants.

Build diner loyalty and repeat visits

You want to nurture repeat visits and loyalty from diners. The Merchant Solutions understands your casual and fine restaurant industry and has the depth of experience to craft affordable loyalty program solutions appropriate to your market and your diners.

Attract more customers with a full range of payment options

With The Merchant Solutions, you can accept any type of payment through restaurants POS systems, including credit, debit, check, and gift cards, and deploy state-of-the-art terminals, printers, PIN pads and check readers with features specific to your industry.

Integrate your point-of-sale solution with your back-office functions

Today’s technologies allow you to add point of sale (POS) software applications specific to terminals at your restaurants or payment processing capabilities to your PC. If you make deliveries or serve customers from temporary kiosks, The Merchant Solutions can help you deploy wireless point-of-sale solutions that are both affordable and more efficient.

Improve your transaction speed

Every second counts when serving a customer, and by capitalizing on Internet Protocol technology, you can cut card transaction times down to three to four seconds and make electronic card transactions faster than cash. The Merchant Solutions has solutions that require no signature, and a receipt is only provided if requested by the cardholder.

Manage back-office process more effectively

If your back-office is already equipped with Internet connectivity, you can provide yourself better reporting and tools to manage chargebacks and other interactions by leveraging The Merchant Solutions.

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