Hub WalletComplete POS Package

Better merchant solutions for your growing business

As your business expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to accurately track profits, inventory and costs. Outdated merchant payment systems provide little flexibility and are limited in the information and assistance they can provide in your efforts to manage your thriving business. If your business is growing, shouldn’t your equipment and practices grow with it?

TMS is in the practice of helping companies reach their full potential by providing payment solutions that meet the specific needs of each merchant. In addition to processing payments, our all-in-one, custom designed POS systems perform a multitude of tasks that keep your business running smoothly. From tracking and maintaining inventory to scheduling employees and managing labor costs, the POS software ensures that your daily operations run smoothly and efficiently, and can be accessed through our free touchscreen device, sleek cash register, or any Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. More importantly, each system is backed by the full service support of our world class customer service representatives.

Having worked with businesses in the retail, service and food and beverage industries, TMS specializes in providing the payment solution system that is best tailored to your individual store or franchise.

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