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Payment Processing for Automotive Businesses

The Merchant Solutions gives you a automotive POS system or single terminal platform for check, credit and debit card transactions, dedicated customer support, Payment Processing For Automotive Businesses and monthly reports. Accepting high-dollar checks is essential to the automotive industry. If you can authorize more checks, you can increase sales. TeleCheck provides a suite of services ideal for the automotive industry, such as the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance service, which converts paper checks into electronic items at the point-of-sale and automatically deposits funds into your bank account.

Increase revenue by serving more customers

TeleCheck verification databases recognize almost all of its potential check writers. Better customer information translates into improved sales, fewer noncompliance items, lower costs, and improved cash flow.

Accept more checks with confidence

TeleCheck has a service designed to prevent checks from returning unpaid. A leader in the check services business, TeleCheck provides flexible check handling options, high approval rates, simple warranty procedures, and personalized service.

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