Online reporting solution

Online Reporting Solution

The Merchant Solutions’ online reporting is a secured, browser-based, customizable reporting tool that lets you easily access and analyze your financial data and simplify your management of it.

The Merchant Solutions Advantages

With our online reporting solution, you have 24/7 access to analyze transaction details for all card types, conduct sales audits, manage processing fees, reconcile your checking account, investigate chargebacks, protect against losses, view historical information for analysis and manage cash flow.

Key Components

  • Standardized, Web-based reports that give you access any time to payment processing information
  • Dashboard view for a snapshot of essential processing information, including the most recently posted and funded transactions and fees
  • Flexible, thorough and fast. Provides real-time batch and transaction detail and card type summary reporting, as well as settlement data and online statements
  • Credit and debit activity summaries for selected time periods
  • Dispute reporting to help you manage chargeback and retrieval expenses