Debit processing

Debit processing

Debit cards are one of the fastest growing payment methods today. The Merchant Solutions offers you signature or PIN-secured debit card acceptance to help increase revenue, maximize cardholder satisfaction and streamline your operations. Customers can access cash, buy goods, pay bills or use electronic benefits from government assistance programs.

The Merchant Solutions Advantages

You’ll be able to provide customers with a quick and secure way to pay and have the ability to offer cash back with a purchase. For the customer, this means time savings with fewer trips to the ATM. We have a wide range of debit acceptance POS equipment options for you to choose from.

Key Components

  • 99.99% up-time
  • Transaction approvals in 1.9 seconds or less
  • Compliance with all applicable card industry standards
  • Flexible product and pricing options to best meet your business needs
  • Automatic electronic deposits
  • Online detailed reporting