Table Management

Table management

One of the main features a fine dining restaurant would look for in a point of sale system would be table management. It is important to know which tables are open, which one’s are occupied and mostly which orders go to them. With the restaurant POS system’s selection of table management screens, you have the control you need with ease and flexibility.

Choose between three different types of table selection screens. The manual entry screen allows you to log in as a waiter/waitress and type a table number to open a check. Each time you log in as that waiter/waitress, only the tables they’ve opened will show.

The Layout screen shows a grid of all possible tables you have in the restaurant. When a waiter/waitress opens a table, they simply select the table number by pressing the button that corresponds to that table. When they re-log into the table selection screen, their tables will show in green and also display their server id to show that the table is in use and operated by that server. It will also show other tables that are in use and operated by a different server in yellow.

The diagram screen gives you the most flexibility as you can design the table layout of your restaurant. Choose any number of rooms to add (i.e. main dining area, patio, banquet room, etc) and design exactly where each table is located. You can choose from rectangular, square or circular tables. Similarly the Layout screen, a waiter/waitress who logs in will see their tables in green while the tables operated by other servers are in red.

Manual Table Entry

  • Manually choose table numbers
  • View only the tables you enter
  • Flexible and unlimited table numbers


Layout Table Selection

  • Easy to use one touch table selection
  • View all open tables
  • See which tables belong to which server id
  • Choose between to stay or to go orders


Diagram Table Selection

  • Design your restaurant table layout
  • View which tables are opened by which server id
  • Unlimited rooms